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Not just beautiful websites

We’re all web users today and we know instantly if a website has been well designed or not. It’s not simply a matter of the way it looks; it’s just as much about the way it works. Maybe you use the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer and you find a website won’t display properly, or the checkout function falls over when you’re ready to complete your purchase. If we want something badly enough, we might tolerate a little flakiness before we abandon the site – and the shopping cart – but if we’re talking about your site – and we are – that’s just not good enough. A website balances form and function to ensure your visitors get what they’re seeking and enjoy doing so

For a website that delivers a real return on your investment

Websites are all about image and image is just an illusion, after all. A brilliantly-designed and attractive website can easily make an insignificant start-up look like a mighty corporation. Internet surfers are not easily fooled, however, so your website had better be able to deliver what it promises. That means you need to use a reputable designer, who will match your website to your objectives and the expectations of its audience and nothing less.

Producing such websites will never be cheap, but as long as your designer keeps these aims clearly in view, you will get a website that does what it should and costs no more than you expect. Our costings are therefore clear and visible. If something happens during the development process that necessitates change or extra work by mutual agreement, then we’ll make sure you understand the cost implications and approve them before we proceed. Later in this document we’ll give you details of some organisations who have taken the Sweetmag route to online success.

What are the business objectives of your website

A Justclick.com.my website is a win-win proposition. Within a few days of our initial discussions, we will give you practical advice on making immediate improvements to your existing website’s performance, if you have one. We will also present you with a strategy for developing and improving your website over the following weeks and months. If your website isn’t broken, we won’t suggest fixing it; just give you workable options for fine-tuning it.

No dodgy contracts

An important note is that everything we do on your behalf, be it photography, design or programming, everything belongs to you. We hold onto no intellectual rights. If for any reason you want to transfer your website away from Sweetmag then that is your right and we will do everything we can to assist.

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